2-4pm Operation 36 for Juniors

About this event:

Created by justinorbin

Dates:                Every Saturday from 2-4pm
Cost:                  $129 Enrollment Fee + Monthly packages from $49-$199 per month
Cost includes:  Twelve weeks of instruction on all aspects of the game. The students will need to obtain 12
                            objectives in 6 different levels and learn to shoot even par 36 for 9 holes from different
                            distances starting at 25 yards and eventually their normal tee box.
Format:             1 Hour of Academy Classes each week followed by 1 hour of supervised training each week and
                            Operation 36 matches from 4-6pm throughout the semester
Eligibility:         Open to any junior ages 6-18
Deadline:          Semesters run every twelve weeks – 2 weeks before semester starts

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