Welcome to the Point Venture Golf Club!

Christmas Golf Lesson Special - 5 lessons taught by our Director of Golf Justin Orbin "Voted One of America's Best Golf Instructors". $199 or $179 for Members - Retail = $300 so over $100 savings!
If that's too much - 2 lessons $99 or $79 for Members

Night Golf - Rescheduled for Friday, November 29th at 4PM. Cost = $50/player plus cart & green fees. Cost includes all night golf equipment, dinner, Credit Book Prizes, and Cash team skins. Format - 4 player scramble (Gross and Net Prizes) 9 holes in light, eat dinner, and 9 holes of Night Golf. SIgn up today!

Christmas Sale and End of Year Shootout - Saturday, December 7th - Shootout starts at 1PM (Open to top 10 on 2013 Points List) - Christmas Sale from 5-7PM - come buy gift certificates for golf, lessons, merchandise, etc. at a discounted price. REMEMBER - All credit book must be used by the end of the year!

Point Venture Christmas Party - Saturday, December 14th from 5-10PM on the golf shop deck. Santa will be here for the kids, FREE dinner, DJ and Karaoke, $2 Drafts and $3.50 wines. RSVP to the Golf Shop by Monday, December 9th.

Golf Tip of the Month

Do you want to play the best golf of your life next year?

If you are like the rest of us the answer is a definitive YES! As we go into winter I have put together a few tips for you to do this month to meet your goal next year.

1. Regrip Your Clubs

Golfers should re-grip their clubs twice a year. Your hands hold the grips and if you do not have good tacky grips you cannot feel the club and feeling the club is crucial to playing good golf. The Point Venture Golf Staff will re-grip your clubs for you for only $3/club + the cost of the grips.

2. Get instruction

There is no point in practicing, if you are not practicing the proper techniques. All you are doing is ingraining the wrong technique. Instruction does not mean that your entire golf swing is going to be overhauled, maybe just a few tweaks to your setup and a swing thought will get you on your way to the best golf year of your life. Point Venture Golf Club Director of Golf, Justin Orbin, who was voted “One of America’s Best Golf Instructors” is reasonably priced and would love to help you improve your game.

3. Stretch Your Muscles

I am not saying you have to have a full work out program (although that wouldn't hurt), I am just saying to stretch out your muscles in your back, legs, stomach, arms, and shoulders. This will allow you to coil better which will improve your swing path and your distance.

4. Practice Your Short Game

After you learn the proper techniques from your golf instruction of course! At least half of your shots take place within 20 yards of the green and power does not matter from this distance, so this will help everyone. Spend twice as much time practicing in this area as you do on the long game and I guarantee your handicap will drop 5 shots!

Follow these simple steps starting this fall and you will have the best golf year of your life next year!  Good luck and if you need any help with your game feel free to give me a call.

Justin Orbin
Voted “One of America’s Best Golf Instructors”
Director of Golf
Point Venture Golf Club